Suggestions for the purchase

How does one access the products of CISAM historical catalogue?

It is sufficient to click on one of the categories of the historical catalogue (placed in the left part of the screen) and enter the various subcategories. All the new publications are gathered in the section “NEW PUBLICATIONS” as well as in the respective category they belong to.
If you are in possession of the title of the volume you wish to purchase, you may look for it utilizing the search tool (on the right side), clicking in the advanced search you may continue your search also inserting the ISBN code, the authors and specific contents.

How can one purchase the books?

For buying one or more books it is sufficient to identify the product one wishes to buy and click the key “aggiungi carrello/add trolley”- Also a small icon of the trolley is viewed for each product on the list; clicking on this, the product is added to the trolley. Moreover, from the list of books in the catalogue it is then possible to enter the detail page of the product and click the button "aggiungi al carrello/add to the trolley". For continuing the purchase, it is sufficient to make a new search in the catalogue. It is also possible to correct the quantity for each product ordered and delete it simply by clicking on the corresponding small icons of the trolley.

Why does an access/registration page appear when clicking the button "Aggiungi al carrello/Add to the trolley"?

In order to place a product in your "shopping trolley" it is necessary to create a new client account or, if you already have one, it is necessary to insert the access data in the appropriate fields. Therefore, if you already are registered clients, you can simply insert your e-mail address and your password, and continue your purchase and/or complete your transaction. If it is the first time you are accessing our Shop, clicking on “Continue” and completing the registration form, you will be registered in our client database and may access your new account (we wish to point out that the data sent will be processed according to the recent provisions of Italian law in the matter of Privacy).

Is it necessary to register for buying? ?

In order to complete a purchase it is necessary to have a user account! Once you are registered, you will have immediate access to your account and can complete your purchases. An e-mail message will remind you of your access data and will welcome you to CISAM shop on-line. For subsequent purchases, it will be sufficient to insert your e-mail address and your password for accessing your account immediately.

After I have placed my products in the shopping trolley, how will I complete my purchase?

After choosing the products and placing them in the shopping trolley, it is sufficient to click “purchase” (at the top) for completing the transaction. Your purchase will go automatically through three phases, in which you will be asked to confirm the products selected, the place of delivery, the terms of payment. In each of these phases you will have the possibility to change the data or cancel the order. Finally you will be asked to confirm your purchase, which will be then forwarded to you.

How can one be sure that the order has been forwarded?

In addition to the confirmation message, a few minutes after you have completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation at your e-mail address indicated by you to such purpose. Such order confirmation will show the products purchased, the overall price inclusive of postal expenses and the delivery and invoicing data. We kindly ask you to carefully check and possibly notify us of any errors immediately.

Are shipment expenses calculated by the shop?

Based on the place of delivery, CISAM shop on-line will calculate automatically any shipment expenses, which will be added to your account and will form part of the final amount of your purchase (viewed in the various phases). Shipment expenses will be clearly indicated in the final account!

How can one receive further assistance!

You can receive assistance for making purchases on-line by sending an e-mail message to: trabalza@cisam.org or contacting the telephone numbers of Fondazione CISAM.


Notice to clients:
Prices are fixed in euros and are inclusive of VAT. The books will travel at the client’s own risk. No separate volumes and abstracts from individual articles are sold. After thirty days have elapsed from the date of shipment, no complaint will be considered valid. The return must be authorized by the Foundation. The settlement of each individual dispute shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Spoleto.

Methods of payment: All the payments for the sale on line are usually made by credit card or cash payment on delivery (contrassegno).
For credit card holders, we point out that the data of the credit card are collected under safety conditions, since we avail ourselves of a server, which utilizes the most advanced protection technologies.
Note: No charge will be made up to the actual shipment of the goods. In the rare events when we have to cancel one or more products included in an order due to unpredicted unavailability, only the products, which have been shipped, will be charged to the credit card. If the client has chosen to pay on delivery, he/she will be asked to pay, upon delivery, only for the products actually delivered.
Abroad: Bookshops, Universities and Institutes, following their order, will be contacted for communications relating to the sales conditions (discounts, methods of payment and shipment expenses).

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