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15. Philip Grierson, Scritti storici e numismatici, Spoleto 2001

15. Philip Grierson, Scritti storici e numismatici, Spoleto 2001

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Indice: E. A. Arslan - L. Travaini, Presentazione - Avvertenza - Bibliografia di Philip Grierson - Sezione A - Numismatics - Thirty Years of Numismatics - The Origins of Money - The Roman Law of Counterfeiting - The Origins of the English Sovereign and the Symbolism of the Closed Crown - Computational Fractions of the Grain: Mites, Droits, Periods and Blanks - Sezione B - Six Late Roman Medallions in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection - The Date of the Dumbarton Oaks Epiphany Medallion - The Date of Theoderic’s Gold Medallion - The Kyrenia Girdle of Byzantine Medallions and Solidi - Byzantine Gold Bullae, with a Catalogue of those at Dumbarton Oaks - The Role of Silver in the Early Byzantine Economy - Le dernier siècle de monnayage byzantin: problèmes et nouveautés - The Tombs and Obits of the Byzantine Emperors (337- 1042) - Sezione C - « Coniazioni per dispetto » nell’Italia medievale - The Fineness of the Venetian Ducat and Its Imitations - The Weight of the Gold Florin in the Fifteenth Century - Sezione D - A Numismatic Career: Philp Grierson (1910-) - Addenda et Corrigenda - Indice analitico.

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