24. Annaclara Cataldi Palau, Studies in greek manuscripts. Spoleto 2008, two volumes , pp.XXII-892, ills.

24. Annaclara Cataldi Palau, Studies in greek manuscripts. Spoleto 2008,
two volumes , pp.XXII-892, ills.

24. Annaclara Cataldi Palau, Studies in greek manuscripts. Spoleto 2008, two volumes , pp.XXII-892, ills.

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Annaclara Cataldi Palau was born in Genoa, where she obtained a ‘Laurea’ in Classics at the University; she then lived for several years in Paris, her studies there culminating in a ‘Doctorat’ in Greek Palaeography at the Sorbonne. Afterwards the author moved to London, where she was named Visiting Professor for Greek Palaeography at King's College London from 2000 to 2006. This book contains twenty-four between papers and lectures in English, French and Italian on Greek palaeography, written over a period of ca. twenty years and published in various specialized periodicals. These papers cover several aspects of Greek palaeography, from the ninth century manuscripts of the Gospels written in Biblical Majuscule to manuscripts belonging to the ‘philosophical collection’ or to the Studios monastery in Constantinople. Other papers are dedicated to codices written in South Italy or to later manuscripts, such as the palimpsests on which a well-known fifteenth century scribe, George Baiophoros, copied grammar texts for the learned foreigners who wanted to learn Greek, or the manuscripts written in Epirus, with their peculiar bindings and decoration. The result is a book which explores several aspects of Greek palaeography. The theories developed in each article are richly illustrated with over 200 reproductions of Greek manuscripts, images of famous or little known items which in most instances are published for the first time and have sometimes been taken by the author herself. >

Foreword - Photographic credits - Abbreviations - 1. Note alle glosse lessicografiche del ms. Urbani 29 (Genova, Biblioteca Franzoniana) - 2. A little known manuscript of the Gospels in ‘maiuscola biblica’: Basil. gr. A. N. III. 12 - 3. Un nuovo codice della ‘collezione filosofica’. Il palinsesto Parisinus graecus 2575 - 4. Un manuscrit peu connu de S. Grégoire de Nazianze. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. T. I. 2 - 5. Due manoscritti greci del IX secolo: Genova, Biblioteca Franzoniana, Urbani 4; Città del Vaticano, Vat. gr. 503 - 6. Un nuovo manoscritto del ‘Grande Commento’ ai Salmi di Esichio di Gerusalemme, Oxford Auct. T. II. 3 - 7. Ancora sui manoscritti di Teodosio IV Princeps: il codice di Genova, Biblioteca Franzoniana, Urbani 17 - 8. I manoscritti di Manuele Crisolora: un nuovo codice con ‘titolo bilingue’? - 9. The manuscript production in the Monastery of Prodromos Petra (twelfth-fifteenth centuries) - 10. The library of the Monastery of Prodromos Petra in the fifteenth century (to 1453) - 11. Learning Greek in fifteenth-century Constantinople - 12. Legature costantinopolitane del monastero di Prodromo Petra tra i manoscritti di Giovanni di Ragusa († 1443) - 13. Un nuovo manoscritto palinsesto di Giorgio Baiophoros - 14. I colleghi di Giorgio Baiophoros: Stefano di Medea, Giorgio Crisococca, Leon Atrapes - 15. Manoscritti greci originari dell’Italia meridionale nel fondo ‘Additional’ della ‘British Library’ a Londra - 16. Manoscritti greco-latini dell’Italia meridionale. Un nuovo Salterio vergato da Romano di Ullano - 17. Manoscritti epiroti a Londra (British Library), ed a Oxford (Magdalen College) - 18. The Burdett-Coutts collection of Greek manuscripts: Manuscripts from Epirus .- 19. Greek manuscripts from the Meteora monasteries in the Burdett-Coutts collection .- 20. Bindings of the 16th century from the monastery of St Nicholas Anapausa in the Meteora .- 21. La tradition manuscrite d’Eustathe Makrembolitès - 22. L’Arsenale Sacro di Andronico Camatero. Il proemio ed il dialogo dell’Imperatore con i cardinali latini: originale, imitazioni, arrangiamenti - 23. Una « lettera al papa » di Irenico, cartofilace della Grande Chiesa (Teodoro Irenico, patriarca di Costantinopoli 1214-1216?) - 24. Le iscrizioni delle formelle nella cornice del Sacro Volto di Genova - Index of manuscripts.

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